In addition to the luxurious hotel rooms, the monumental building holds two restaurant concepts, each with a very different culinary experience.

For a full-evening programme with a view on the monumental garden, the Prinsentuin, you are welcome in the Fine Dining Restaurant Nassau. At the Grand Café, a vibrant brasserie with adjacent terrace at the courtyard, you can enjoy breakfast, an informal lunch, drinks and festive dinners.

Grand Café

In the Grand Café lies the origin of the Prinsenhof complex. In 1436, The Brethren of Communal Life rebuilt their, up until then modest, accommodation into an impressive church. The Grand Café is therefore the centre of Prinsenhof, which you can sense everywhere.


Fine Dining

Restaurant Nassau

In Prinsenhof’s more rustic wing you can have a high-end culinary experience. Nassau’s kitchen is run by executive chef Christian de Vries and souschef Dion te Velde. Nassau is innovative and receives praising reviews in the Michelin and Lekker guides.

Sommelier Ronald Aikes is in charge in the restaurant; he is dedicated to making your stay unforgettable.